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[May. 23rd, 2005|06:00 pm]
Ask JKR a Question



Someone's already asked how James and Lily thrice defied Voldemort, but I was also wondering how Frank and Alice thrice defied him.

Is Harry's full name Harry James Potter, or Harold James Potter?

How did Snape and the Marauders become enemies? Was it a specific instance or a slow build? Did it happen/start on the first train ride, or after they were already sorted?

Did the hat want to put Snape, Lily or any of the Marauders in a different house than the one they each ended up in? (a la Harry and Slytherin?)

Was it really just jealousy that motivated Petunia's hatred of Lily, or was it a specific instance (or several) that built it up? Did/Does she mourn her sister at all? Is she at all affected by Harry's eyes? Will Voldemort's return have any affect on her behaviour towards Harry? (a la her reaction to the Dementors in the fifth book?)

Did Petunia ever see baby Harry before he was sent to live with her? In person, or in photograph(s)? Did Lily ever see Dudley? Did she even know he'd been born?

Did Petunia and Vernon go to Lily and James' wedding? Did Lily and James go to Petunia and Vernon's wedding?

The repeated references to Harry having Lily's eyes make it seem as if there is some sort of significance to either the colour, the tie he has to Lily, or both. Is there? Will that significance be explained in book six or seven? If so, which one?

Why don't more people use pensieves, both in court or for personal reasons? Even if they are expensive, surely the Ministry could afford one or two for trial use?

How much older/younger than Sirius are Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa? Who of the three sisters are the oldest and youngest? What were their parents' names?

Are their any Wizarding portraits of Lily, James or Sirius? Either when they were children (especially in the case of James and Sirius), or when they were older?

According to the Harry Potter Lexicon timeline (which you are said to have approved), Lily and James died at the age of twenty-one. If that's true, why did the filmmakers cast actors much older than that to play them in the films? Did you get to approve/veto their casting choices?

You've said that Molly's maiden name is Prewitt, one of the names of the families who were almost or completely wiped out by Voldemort in the first war. Are there any other spouses of any of the other adults who were members of those families? (ie: The Bones, Prewitts, Fenwicks, Potters, etc)

What is Neville's grandmother's first name?